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Hi, I'm Aman Singh
I'm an Engineer/Artist and I like to create cool stuff.

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About My Work

I'm a Full-Stack developer

I love to work with anything Javascript and have broad experience in Developing and Testing Javascript Apps/Services. I have a keen eye for detail and meticulous attention towards code performance.

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Email: Amanpreet.dev@gmail.com
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/amansinghio
Meetup: Aman Singh
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Open Source Projects

Form Builder

Heavily customizable Form Builder tailored for feedback or user review forms.

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Squares Mean a World to Us

Competed in JSFoo competition on creative Javascript code. Organized by Wingify on theme "Squares".

Code on github Chrome Demo

Minimal Node.js and Express.js style guide

This is a minimal and opinionated guide for writing consistent and productive Node.Js and Express.js code. It is inspired by what has proven to be a consistent way of structuring code and has worked well in other mature languages and frameworks.

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The Art of Writing Scary Javascript

My talk at the Prov.JS Meetup (Metlife Building, Warwick, US)

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